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  • Eco-Friendly Moving Tips from Your Trusted Long Island Long-Distance Movers

    If you’re getting ready to undertake a long-distance move, you’re going to have a lot on your plate in terms of packing and other preparations. At Maffucci Moving & Storage, we believe one of those things on your plate should be minimizing your impact on the environment.   When it..

    By maffuccimoving October 07, 2021

  • Long Distance Movers Share Tips for Moving Collectibles

    Our Long Island long-distance movers at Maffucci Moving & Storage would like to offer you their best tips for long-distance moving with collectible items. We have the experience to share with you how to best move your collectibles with proper packing supplies, protection planning, warehouse storage, and more.   Proper..

    By maffuccimoving September 01, 2021

  • Tips for Your Senior Move from Our Trusted Long Island Long Distance Movers

    The best way to ensure you enjoy a simple and stress-free move is to have a top-quality moving team on your side that you can trust. If you’re in the Long Island area, that team is at Maffucci Moving & Storage. In addition to helping with every step of your..

    By maffuccimoving August 04, 2021

  • Planning Tips from Long Distance Movers in Long Island

    Moving across state lines requires a good amount of planning. Between coordinating moving timelines, packaging delicate items, and finding storage for household furniture—it can be easy to get overwhelmed!   Avoid the stress and hassle that comes with a typical long-distance move by planning your relocation in advance. Several moving..

    By maffuccimoving June 24, 2021

  • Commuting To Neighboring States Safely

    When you move to a neighboring state, but still work in New York, it can leave you with a long commute. For some, commuting from home to work can be several hours but the benefits of living in those nearby states vs. living in NY outweigh the travel time involved...

    By maffuccimoving August 12, 2020

  • Can I Move During Coronavirus?

    At Maffucci Moving & Storage, the health of our customers and our employees is our first priority during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. That being said, we know that life continues to move and so do you, so we will continue to provide essential services to our customers in the New York..

    By maffuccimoving May 14, 2020