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Streamlined Packing and Unpacking Solutions

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Over our 100+ year tenure, our family-owned business has mastered the art of packing and unpacking. Don’t let packing add stress to your move, take advantage of the same uncompromising service we’ve provided New York residents for a century! 

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Big Move On The Horizon? Call Maffucci!

Don’t let packing add stress to your move. To ensue your belongings are protected and arrive safely at your new home, trust Maffucci to pack for you. Our expert team uses the most efficient packing methods to save you time and prevent any damage from occurring. For a seamless, headache free transition into your new home, leave the packing and moving to us!

At Maffucci Moving & Storage, we’re happy to help you escape from packing paralysis. We will assist you with all your residential and commercial moving needs, including partial or full-service packing, custom crating, IT equipment packing, furniture disassembly/assembly, and more. To top it all off, we even provide free moving estimates. Contact us today to set up your moving consultation.

Our Elite Packing And Unpacking Services

Full-Service Packing

Our experienced team will handle every aspect of the packing process, from carefully wrapping fragile items to efficiently packing household goods. Sit back and relax while we ensure your belongings are packed securely and ready for transport.

Partial Packing

Need assistance with specific items or rooms? We offer partial packing services tailored to your needs. Whether it’s delicate china or bulky furniture, our professionals will provide expert packing assistance where you need it most.

Specialty Item Packing

Have valuable or fragile items that require special attention? Our team specializes in packing delicate items such as artwork, antiques, electronics, and musical instruments. With our expertise, you can trust that your precious belongings will be handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Custom Crating

For oversized or unusually shaped items, we offer custom crating solutions to ensure maximum protection during transport. From large mirrors to chandeliers, our custom crates are designed to safeguard your most valuable possessions throughout the moving process.

Unpacking Services

Once you’ve arrived at your new home, let us take care of the unpacking process. Our team will carefully unpack your belongings, placing items in their designated rooms and removing packing materials for a stress-free transition into your new space.

Packing 101: Essential Supplies

You’re making the big jump, taking the plunge– moving. You’re probably wondering how to start packing to move. The easiest way to begin is by gathering your moving supplies. The sooner you start, the sooner you can get going on packing, and trust us, that’s not something you want to put off. When preparing to move, you’ll need to get items from two categories: supplies you need to pack and supplies you need on moving day.

Supplies You Need To Pack (And Unpack)

The first necessary item is obvious: boxes, and lots of them. You’ll want to have a variety of sizes to fit all your goodies. Heavier items should go in smaller boxes so you don’t injure yourself, and lighter items can go in bigger ones. Think about if you’ll need any specialty boxes for TVs or dishes. While getting as many free boxes as possible from the supermarket’s recycling might be tempting, you’ll want better quality boxes, too. Speak to a Maffucci representative about securing boxes, and other moving supplies, such as packing paper and tape, as you start to prepare for moving day.

Speak to your Maffucci representative about securing boxes, and other supplies like packing paper, and tape as you prepare and get started.

Supplies Maffucci Provides On Moving Day

On the day of your big move, Maffucci will bring plenty of moving blankets. Moving blankets serve two purposes: cushioning furniture or items to avoid getting scuffed and moving heavy items. We will place objects that are too heavy to carry, usually on the blanket, and pull them across the room or cradle them with the blanket. We will also come prepared with moving dollies, allowing our moving professionals to transport heavy boxes, furniture, and appliances more safely and efficiently.

Other materials Maffucci supplies for residential movers on move-in day include:

  • Shrink wrap
  • Toolset
  • Ratchet straps/rope
  • Mattress bags
  • Furniture pads

Best Packing And Unpacking Strategies

Your move is scheduled, and booked with Maffucci Moving & Storage. Now, it’s time to start packing. If you’ve moved a lot, you’ve probably got your packing process down pact. But if you haven’t, you might wonder how to pack efficiently. Never fear, Maffucci Moving & Storage is here– and we come bearing packing and unpacking strategies. We also provide packing and unpacking services, should you need additional support getting ready for your move.

How to Pack Before Moving

  1. Start an inventory
  2. Get to packing early
  3. Label boxes with the room it’s destined for and content descriptions
  4. Don’t leave empty spaces in the boxes
  5. Create your ideal timeline
  6. Put heavier items on the bottoms of boxes and lighter items on the top
  7. Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box
  8. Use clothes and linens instead of bubble wrap
  9. Document furniture disassembly and keep hardware together

How to Unpack After Moving

  1. Unpack on a deadline (i.e., ten boxes daily, two rooms daily, etc.)
  2. Do the essentials first
  3. Clean before you unpack and end up moving things again
  4. Anticipate furniture needs and do it next (i.e., installing closet shelving)
  5. Decorate last to avoid distractions.
  6. Complete necessary repairs before unboxing.
  7. Create a floor plan for each room.
  8. Give yourself rewards in between tasks to motivate yourself.
  9. Don’t open everything at once and overwhelm yourself.
  10. Place the unpacked boxes in the room they belong in

Common Packing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

When you’re in a rush to pack and move, mistakes happen. Even when you take your time and start far ahead of your moving deadline, they still can. Packing mistakes are common, but if you follow our guidelines on how to pack efficiently and avoid common mistakes, you’ll do just fine.

Improperly labeling

Have a plan of action for what should go in each box, but wait to label it until after you’ve packed them. That way, you’ll know exactly what’s in them and won’t frustrate yourself when unpacking.

Starting too late

Packing is time-consuming, so the longer you wait to start, the more rushed and disorganized it will be. Give yourself ideally a month but at least two weeks.

Making boxes too heavy

We get it—you want to fit in as much as possible. But overfilled, too-heavy boxes are unstable, hard to stack, and could break and rip or cause back injuries when you try to lift them. Keep it under 50 pounds.

Not wrapping fragile items.

Always wrap fragile items in bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or packing paper for safety—even if you think it’ll be fine going a short way. Double-tape the bottom of the box as well.

Packing disorderly/improper planning

Organization is key while packing. Make a list of essentials to set aside so you’ve got everything you need with you. Also, make sure to clearly label boxes in multiple places to make unpacking quicker.

Using old boxes

Old boxes have a better chance of crumbling than new ones, especially if they weren’t designed for moving. Though you’ll have to pay for new boxes, they’ll hold up better.

Not taking measurements

Always take measurements in your new home before unloading. You may need to pick a different route than first planned if furniture or appliances can’t fit through your doorways, staircases, and entryways.

Packing your tools 

Keep at least your scissors, a couple of screwdrivers, an allen-wrench set, and a small regular wrench available. Tearing boxes open with your hands is painful after a while, and you might injure yourself.

Specialized Packing Solutions

If you have specialized items—like electronics and kitchenware—Maffucci knows how to keep them safe. Here’s our recommended list of specialized packing solutions and strategies for you to browse.

  • Electronics – Use the electronic’s original packaging if you’ve kept it. Use plenty of bubble wrap, fill gaps where they are, label cords and accessories in a plastic bag, and securely tape the boxes shut.
  • Clothing—Vacuum-sealed bags are a popular method that minimizes space and protects from dust. Sort your clothes into categories and pack them together to stay organized. Use hangers and wardrobe boxes to minimize wrinkles, and label each box clearly.
  • Kitchenware – Line the bottom of the box with paper to cushion your items—stack plates horizontally by fours, bowls by two, and cups individually. Again, scrunch the paper and place it between the items as a barrier. Lay cutlery across the top of everything in groups of 4–6.
  • Fragile Items – Always use sturdy boxes that can support their weight, label them as delicate, use bubble wrap, and pack them vertically to minimize breakage. Consider boxes with dividers, fill gaps with packing peanuts, and pack heavier items on the bottom.

For All Your Moving Needs, Choose Maffucci Moving & Storage

Packing is no fun—we get that. But it’s also an essential step in any move, and if done correctly, it can save you time and money once you’re ready to unpack. Before you start, ensure you have all the necessary packing supplies and keep out what you’ll need for the big day. After that, review our recommended packing and unpacking techniques for a smooth process and remember the common mistakes we’ve warned you about.

If you’re unsure how to pack efficiently, consider taking advantage of our partial or full-service moving & storage services. We’d be more than happy to help. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or specialized moving services, our team is here to assist you every step of the way. Contact us today to experience a stress-free move with Maffucci Moving & Storage.

Get Your Free, No-Obligation Moving Estimate Today. Request A Free Quote Online Now

Get Your Free, No-Obligation Moving Estimate Today. Request A Free Quote Online Now

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