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  • Move For Hunger: Maffucci Moving & Storage Did it Again!

    Move for Hunger is an organization that teams up with several different relocation companies. Year-round, their team transports non-perishable food items most people would throw away, and delivers them to families in need. As a relocation company, Maffucci Moving and Storage helped transport over 10,000 life-saving meals to the community!..

    By maffuccimoving September 27, 2019

  • Best Places for U.S. Vets to Move

    Finding a suitable location to live and work is challenging, whether you’re new to civilian life or simply ready to make a change. There are many different factors to consider, such as climate, cost of living, employment opportunities, and access to veteran services, so choosing one location can be very..

    By maffuccimoving April 02, 2019

  • Four Good Reasons for Seniors to Move from New York to Florida

    Whether you spend the winters in Florida or bravely face them in New York, now might be a good time to consider moving down south.  Why spend more years of your life dealing with cold weather, snow, and ice?  Why wonder how the other half lives?  You’ve retired.  You don’t..

    By maffuccimoving April 02, 2019

  • Maffucci Movers Helps End Hunger!

    On May 10tth, the Maffucci Movers team helped end hunger by connecting with their local food bank, Long Island Cares. Although Long Island Cares houses a plethora of donations, they do not always have the resources to deliver these food donations from their warehouse to their three food pantries sites..

    By maffuccimoving March 22, 2019