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Budget Friendly Moving Tips 

Don’t get boxed in by the stress of moving. Maffucci Moving is here to help, whether it’s across town or across the country. We believe that everyone deserves a smooth and cost-effective moving experience, regardless of budget.   

Below, we’ve outlined some tips to make moving on a budget a little less stressful. 

Pick the Right Season to Move 

Not everyone gets to decide when they move. But if you have the flexibility, there are pros and cons to each season.  


Peak season is the time of year when most people in America plan their move. This is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. There’s a reason it’s so popular.  


• Kids are out of school 

• Weather is much fairer 

• Increased daylight hours 

• Best time to sell your old home 


• Most expensive time to move 

• More people are moving during this time 

• With such high demand, there is less incentive for moving companies to offer deals 

• Your possessions can overheat  

• You’re more likely to dehydrate  


Flexibility increases greatly if you can schedule a move in the fall or winter. During this time period, you will likely not run into the same difficulties that come with a move in the warmer months.   


• Off-season promotions 

• Quicker delivery of belongings 

• Fewer people to compete with and greater availability  

• Trucks aren’t so hot, reducing damaged belongings  


• Snowstorms   

• Delays and dangerous road conditions 

There is no perfect or “right” time to move, but it’s important to consider all aspects when given the choice.  

Declutter Your Belongings 

Has it been a few years since you’ve looked in your attic? Has the hall closet gotten away from you? Is that bag of clothes that don’t fit beginning to overflow? It may be time to declutter your belongings before packing them up to move.   

Tackling a project as big as this can seem daunting, but if you go room by room, it will be done in no time. It builds momentum to do it in small sections as it makes the task feel more manageable. If you need tips to help declutter more efficiently, you can read up on that here.   

Cut Costs Creatively 

With moving, costs can seemingly appear out of nowhere. Ensure your moving company is upfront about all costs from the very start. Especially with the increased cost of living these days, looking for frugal moving tips isn’t something to be ashamed of. Here are some creative ways to have a more cost-effective move without cutting out quality or care.  

Use What You Have: Purchasing packing materials can add up quickly. But you may have some in your own home without realizing it. Blankets, bed linens, towels, and tablecloths can all be used as padding in boxes with breakable items or as covers for furniture you don’t want to scratch.   

Do Some of it Yourself: While there are some items movers won’t move, there are some things you can opt to bring yourself in your own vehicles to save on space in the truck. Packing and unpacking your own boxes can also save on labor costs. Emptying your own storage unit, if you have one, will cut down on time. While moving companies like ours are more than happy to swing by, it’ll add time that you may not have on moving day.  

Use Reusable Moving Supplies: Ask your movers if they have any boxes or moving pads you would be able to use. This may mean you don’t have to purchase all new ones. Apple and fruit boxes from grocery stores are also easy to come by. All you have to do is ask!  

Garage Sale: A way to cut costs that can actually make you a little cash is having a garage sale. After you’ve decluttered and found the items you wanted to sell/donate, pick a good weekend, set up shop in your garage, and sell off some items to make a quick buck before you head off on your new adventure.   

Make the Move: Call Maffucci Moving & Storage 

With so many choices on who to pick for your moving company, reach out to Maffucci Moving & Storage for your Free Moving Estimate today.  

Whether you’re ready to move or still in the planning process, our team is here to provide tailored advice and support, ensuring your move is as budget-friendly as possible.  

By maffuccimoving June 18, 2024