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Moving Checklist For The Tri-state Area 

Planning an inner-tri-state move is an exciting time. You’ve probably already started thinking about the fun memories you’ll make in your new neighborhood, whether it be in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. But how about the logistics of your move? Have you got that far yet? Moving within the Tri-State Area can be a hassle–without the right preparation. For a smooth moving experience, hire movers who are familiar with the area to ensure it goes off without a hitch.  

Maffucci Moving & Storage has over ten decades of experience in the Tri-State area. Navigating the busy city streets, handling parking restrictions, and understanding the three states’ different regulations is no easy feat. But our experienced team knows what to do in each situation. For minimal stress and a reliable team, choose Maffucci. 

Pre-Move Prep 

The Tri-State Area rental market is highly competitive. The area is a convergence for professionals in almost every field, home to thousands who want to take advantage of the activities each state offers, and is filled with beautiful scenery. Pair this with the housing crisis the U.S. is currently experiencing, and keeping a close eye on your desired rental area becomes crucial when preparing to move. You’ll want to be able to jump on ideal opportunities that come your way, and the first step to doing that is by having a New York mover ready and waiting.  

Research Moving Companies 

When picking a moving company, it’s important to vet them thoroughly. You want to ensure they have experience with Tri-State Area relocations, good reviews, and are reliable. Experienced New York movers understand the best routes within the area that movers from anywhere else lack, allowing them to optimize the moving process. Choosing Tri-State movers over others will also be more cost-efficient when you consider the time and effort saved by not hiring a company that must travel far.  

Sort and Declutter 

Packing can be a daunting task. So why not make it easier for yourself by sorting and decluttering? Ask yourself if you really need an item. Donate it if the answer’s no; if yes, keep it. If you hesitate, consider whether it holds sentimental value or could be easily replaced.  

Decluttering is essential for apartments with minimal space and even less storage. It’ll help you keep better track of your things and make it so you can stay more organized. It also saves time and money. The less you have to pack, the less time packing will take, and since most movers charge by the hour, the less you’ll pay.  

Understand State Regulations 

The most important benefit of hiring Tri-State, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut-based movers is their understanding of the different regulations and permits for moving trucks. For example, if moving to New York State, the company should be licensed by the Commissioner of Transportation and provide an “Order of Service” stating how much you will be expected to pay when your items are delivered. 

In New Jersey, moving trucks require parking permits or can use a temporary no-parking sign based on the area you’re relocating to/from and must abide by a minimum insurance policy, uniform contract requirements and claim procedures, and fitness standards. In Connecticut, the Department of Transportation regulates movers. They must have a Household Goods Carrier Certificate or Motor Contract Carrier permit and provide a “Bill of Lading” after your belongings are on their truck.  

Packing Tips 

If not using a Tri-State mover for all aspects of the process, like packing and unpacking, researching best practices is a good idea to save yourself a headache.  

Generally speaking, the items you’ll need to gather for packing are pretty straightforward: boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. To ensure the safety of your items and minimize breakages, Maffucci Moving & Storage offers packing equipment for sale: 

• Packing and painting tape 

• Heavy-duty trash bags 

• Packing paper  

• Boxes    

• Scissors 

• Labels and colored stickers  

• Pen and markers 

Always remember to place your fragile items at the top of boxes surrounded by plenty of cushions to protect them from bumpy roads or long-distance travel. Use sturdy boxes for fragile items that can support their weight, clearly mark them as delicate, and pack them vertically. Consider boxes with dividers and fill gaps with packing peanuts. 

A simple labeling system will make a world of difference regarding unpacking. Label boxes with the room they need to go in, its content, and whether or not you need to open it immediately. Keep all your necessities, like a few sets of clothes, chargers, and personal hygiene items, together to make them easier to find.  

The Week of the Move: What to Do 

During the week of your big move, it’s essential that you confirm details with our Connecticut movers, such as the move date, time, and address(es). This is the best way to ensure no confusion on either end. Next, it’s time to pack that necessity box we discussed earlier. Fill it enough for the first few nights in your new home.  

While Maffucci’s Tri-State movers are preparing to help you, look at your checklist again. Verify that you’ve updated your address with the Post Office and DMV, notified your bank of the move, and transferred your utility services. After that, you’re ready to tackle the big day.  

Moving Day 

On the day of your move, it’s best to start early. Not only will you avoid heavy traffic in busy cities like NYC, but you’ll also reduce the risk of overheating. Overheating is mainly a risk during peak moving season (spring/summer), but it’s still the best time to move as the roads aren’t covered in ice, there’s more daylight, and more housing options.  

Remember to recheck your inventory by performing a final walkthrough with your movers. This will assure you and them that nothing was missed, everything was packed correctly, and that you’re ready to close up the truck and start driving. If your Tri-State Area move requires more than one trip, look around each room every time to put your mind at ease. We want to say that whoever moves into your home will contact you if they find something, but they might not, and leaving anything behind would be a shame. 

Post-Move Tips 

Congratulations! You’ve completed your move with the help of Maffucci Moving & Storage’s Tri-State movers. Now it’s time to start settling into your new home and unpack. Don’t let the thought of this intimidate you; we’ve got a few post-move, unboxing tips to make the process a breeze: 

• Place the unpacked boxes in the room they belong in  

• Do the essentials first 

• Clean before you unpack  

• Anticipate furniture needs and do it next (i.e., installing closet shelving) 

• Complete necessary repairs first 

• Unpack on a deadline (i.e., ten boxes daily, two rooms daily, etc.) 

• Give yourself rewards in between tasks  

• Don’t open everything at once  

If you’re settling in a new state, take the first few days to update your driver’s license and start transferring your car’s registration. If moving to NY or NJ, you have 30 days to do so and 60 days in CT.  

After the hard stuff, it’s time to have fun and get to know your neighborhood. Going on walks is an easy way to get comfortable in the area. This way, you become familiar with your surroundings. You can chat with others in your community that you encounter while out and about. Explore the amenities around you and local businesses like cafes, boutiques, bookshops, and restaurants. 

When You’re Ready to Start a New Chapter, Call Maffucci Movers 

Staying organized is crucial to keeping your cool during the moving process. We understand that moving can gnaw at your patience and test your nerves, but you deserve to have the best moving experience possible with limited snafus. That’s why Maffucci offers full-service moving and storage. From packing to

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