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Judd Levine Maffucci Moving & Storage

Judd Levine
As president of Maffucci Moving & Storage, Judd Levine is a man whose career isn’t just a successful pivot but a profound continuation of his father, Paul Levine’s, legacy. “I have to give a lot of credit to my father,” Judd shares. “His leadership has gotten our company to where we are, and that cannot be understated.

“I grew up as a kid working in the family business, always spending my free time, weekends and summers learning the ropes,” Judd recalls. “I worked in the warehouse, on trucks, in the office and going on sales calls with prospective clients. Twenty three years later, here I am.”

Judd and Paul Levine


After graduating from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, Judd’s career path took an unexpected turn post-9/11, leading him back to the roots of his family’s moving business. Armed with a background in sales and marketing from Indiana University, Judd found himself steering the company through unprecedented changes.

Under Judd’s dynamic leadership, Maffucci Moving & Storage has become synonymous with reliability and exceptional service. He is keenly aware that the success of the business is intricately tied to the dedication of the team, making each move not just a logistical accomplishment but a personal and professional triumph.

”Our team, whether in the office or out in the field, is what separates us from everybody else,” Judd emphasizes. “It’s not just about moving; it’s about the people who make the moves.”

Judd and his team have been recognized for their work as well. Examples of those accolades include being named Move for Hunger’s Agent of the Year in 2020, Bekins Agent of the Year in 2019, Bekins Agent of the Month 12 times. And they are consistently one of the top 3 Bekins Van Lines agents nationally in sales, hauling and customer service ratings.


Judd Levine

In a sector where personal connection is paramount, Maffucci Moving & Storage distinguishes itself as a service that values genuine human interaction, transcending the transactional to create lasting connections. It’s not merely about relocating belongings; it’s about transforming a stressful event into a seamless, stress-free experience

For Judd, the most rewarding part of his work lies in the company’s unique approach to each move

“Moving is one of the most stressful experiences people go through,” he notes, underscoring the importance of understanding the emotional weight of the process along with maintaining that human connection


Judd and Parents

Away from the intricacies of moving logistics, Judd finds joy in family life. Married to his wife, Tara, since 2007, the couple has two daughters, Simone and Jocelyn. Despite the demands of running a successful business, Judd and his family cherish the simple pleasures of spending time together, enjoying movies, going out to dinner and watching game shows together.

“We like to travel, and our favorite thing to do as a family here in New York is to go see the New York Islanders play,” Judd shares.


Maffucci Moving Team

Looking ahead, Judd envisions continued growth for Maffucci Moving & Storage, in both residential and commercial moves. Professionally, success, to Judd, means fostering an environment where every day is an accomplishment. Personally, Judd is dedicated to being present for his family and community. He takes a holistic approach to life and work, where professional achievements are intertwined with personal fulfillment.

Maffucci Moving & Storage’s ethos extends beyond business as well. Judd takes immense pride in the relationships built with real estate brokers. This camaraderie goes beyond transactions, offering additional services like decluttering to support brokers in their endeavors. It’s a reminder that in the world of Maffucci, relationships are not just built on transactions but on partnerships that deliver on positive experiences for the end customer.

”Many of the brokers that we have worked with are not just business relationships; they have become personal friends,” Judd concludes.