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Best Places for U.S. Vets to Move

Finding a suitable location to live and work is challenging, whether you’re new to civilian life or simply ready to make a change. There are many different factors to consider, such as climate, cost of living, employment opportunities, and access to veteran services, so choosing one location can be very difficult.

Thankfully, to help veterans make informed decisions about where to move, the Navy Federal Credit Union and the Military Times Reboot Camp, have compiled lists of veteran-friendly cities in the U.S. With some variation, both lists were developed based on an analysis of multiple factors, including veteran-specific, economic, and general quality of life measures. In this blog post, we’re going to explore the three cities that made the top 10 lists from both organizations.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Located near Fort Carson, Colorado Springs is a logical destination for many veterans.  In fact, approximately 53,000 vets and 10,000 service members currently live there, benefiting from the city’s welcoming atmosphere and pride in their service. In addition,

Colorado Springs is home to a huge number of helpful veteran service organizations.

Located near the base of Pikes Peak on the eastern edge of the Southern Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs offers beautiful scenery and numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation and exploration.  Perhaps more importantly, the city’s economy is very healthy, with many opportunities for business and employment.  In fact, thanks to its “booming job market” and high quality of life, Colorado Springs climbed from number 11 to number 2 on the U.S. News 2018 list of best places to live in the U.S.

Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia (Washington D.C. Metro Area)

Because of their proximity to Washington DC, Arlington and Alexandria have a higher cost of living than other cities on lists of best places for veterans to live; however, veterans living there also have a higher average income than those living in any of the other cities recognized as being good places for vets to live.

A disadvantage of living in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area is the traffic around the beltway, but for most residents, the time spent commuting is worth it.  In fact, for proximity and access to military installations, institutions of higher education, quality healthcare, and good employment opportunities, the area can’t be beat.

San Antonio, Texas

Recently designated as “Military City USA” with a trademark from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, San Antonio is more than veteran-friendly; it is veteran-devoted.  The city is home to Joint Base San Antonio and has 11 veteran commissioners to advise city officials on policies affecting San Antonio’s active military and veteran citizens.

The supportive environment is not the only attraction San Antonio has to offer.  In addition to a large active-duty and veteran population a growing number of organizations to support veterans, San Antonio offers affordable housing, a low cost of living, excellent healthcare, and high-quality educational and employment opportunities.

Moving Made Easy

Moving to a new location is never easy, but if you’ve recently gotten out of the military, deciding on your next move can be especially difficult, as there are many factors to consider, from employment to access to veteran services and proximity to your family.  The three cities discussed in this post are only a start. There are many other vet-friendly cities and towns you might want to consider.

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By maffuccimoving April 02, 2019